Pentagon Goes Green With 4,000 LED Installation

Illustration for article titled Pentagon Goes Green With 4,000 LED Installation

Apparently, even the tough-as-nails Pentagon, home of the Department of Defense, has a soft spot for green technology, as word comes to us today that 4,000 LED fixtures will illuminate the building's Wedge 5.


The LED program was detailed in a section of Title III, a Department of Defense program, and will be completed by a company called Cree. The LEDs will reduce power consumption by 22%, and pay for themselves in four year's time.

The program is being billed as a way to save money and reduce energy consumption, but because this is the Department of Defense we're talking about, there was some ass-kicking verbiage in the description. In addition to providing a clean light source, the LEDs will also “promote creation and strengthening of domestic industrial capabilities to support national security needs.”

That's right. These aren't just super-efficient light sources, folks. They're terrorist-fighting, Jack Bauer LEDs, and they're taking names. [CleanTechnica]



i think the hippies mite prefer an arc reactor