Watches are things from the olden days that people wore on their wrists. They came after sundials but before electricity. Now people are wearing watches, again. Who knew?

Oh the New York Times Style section did, duh.

"Right now there is no clearer indication of cool than wearing a watch."

—Some Guy. But don't just take it from that guy; other guys agree.

"It's an understated statement about your station in life, your taste level," [said some other guy].


I have a golden watch that spells out "My Taste Level And Station In Life Are Both Quite High" in big blocky letters, and every golden letter is a number that helps the watch "tell time," which is how I know it is nigh upon 37 o'clock now, simply by glancing at my four foot-long golden word watch, without ever having to pull out a cell phone, which would be gauche.

So take it from these guys: watches.

[NYT; photo via Sergis blog/ Flickr]

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