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People Buying Used PCs for Salvage Copies of Windows XP

Illustration for article titled People Buying Used PCs for Salvage Copies of Windows XP

Hey, what the hell people? I thought we were finally cool with Vista. We're all PCs, right? So why are analysts yapping about people buying used computers just for copies of Windows XP?


Apparently, according to IDC and computer repair outfit Rescuecom, it's cheaper for businesses to pick up a used PC with Windows XP, than it is to buy a brand new computer with Vista and downgrade it. The flip side of this trend is that shady resellers are slapping bootleg copies of XP on used computers, so you're safer buying used Dells and HPs or other mass maker machines, which are more likely to have a legit license, says Gartner. In particular, avoid eBay and Craigslist.


Honestly, if you're that desperate to get a copy of XP, I'd grab a volume license from your corporate hell workplace (though this obviously doesn't work for business themselves). They probably won't notice. [ComputerWorld via The Raw Feed]]

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Computers are sold with OEM copies of software, and transferring that license to another computer is prohibited. It sounds like a great idea but, technically, it is just as illegal as pirating.

Sorry to deliver the bad news.