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People Smash XM Receivers in Response to Opie & Anthony Suspension

Illustration for article titled People Smash XM Receivers in Response to Opie  Anthony Suspension

People are going bonkers about The Opie & Anthony show being suspended—so bonkers that they are even smashing their XM receivers and canceling their XM service. According to a Digg member XM is now offering three to six months of free service if you call and cancel because of the O&A suspension. Even if you aren't a normal O&A listener this could be a good way to get some freebies and show XM that they are douchebags.

Opie and who? Get the backstory and hear the very NSFW clip that started all of this nonsense after the jump. Oh, and that merger may also be in trouble.


To catch you up, Opie and Anthony had "Homeless Charlie" on the air recently. Charlie spoke very vulgarly about what kind of things he would like to do to the Secretary of the State Condoleeza Rice and George Bush's wife. In the age of Don Imus, XM decided to suspend Opie, Anthony and their popular morning talk show for 30 days.

This could also have massive implications in the current XM and Sirius merger. XM and Sirius are trying to woo Capitol Hill for a smooth merger amid heavy scrutiny from antitrust forces, and I'm sure a homeless man describing what things he would like to do to two of the most powerful ladies in Washington, D.C., can't be helping things along.


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XM Subscribers backlash over O&A suspension [Orbitcast]


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Howard stern is next to go ...

@ fredlee24

What on earth?? Its entertainment value. People enjoy O & A's talk show - I've listened to them for years and got many a good laugh from their programs. That said, I know there are MANY out there that feel the same. Satellite radio is a luxury - its for those that do not want to listen to commercials and want a variety of programming, including comedy. In either case, I canceled my subscription not long ago because of the added commercials and price increase. If not then, I would have done so now!