Few of us have the necessary skills (or tools) needed to build our own replica props, but with enough disposable income that can be easily overcome. Triforce's upcoming full-scale Plasma rifle replica from Halo 2: Anniversary Edition might cost $600, but it's a perfect hand-painted imitation that looks like it was snatched from a fallen Covenant fighter on the battlefield.

Triforce claims the replica Plasma rifle has a fascinating pedigree:

Built using ancient design patterns dating to before the foundation of the Covenant, the Type-25 DER is crafted using a miraculous Forerunner plasma generator reliquary core carefully wrapped in Sangheili-designed and San 'Shyuum-refined controls and restrictors. The resulting weapon is a masterpiece of form and function carried exclusively by the Covenant's most elite holy warriors.

But in reality the 25-inch long, 15-pound blaster is made from an Earthly-material known as polystone and even includes working LED lighting effects so it's not much or a stretch to believe you're using it to blast alien hordes. Only 500 copies of the blue version are being created, requiring a $150 deposit to pre-order. But the red alternative is even rarer, with only 150 being made at $650 a piece. [Triforce via MCV UK]


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