Perforated House Airs Your Darkest Secrets

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Wouldn't it be great if, when the first breeze of Spring blew into town, you could open the entire front of your house to let the fresh air in? While your wife was changing, maybe?

This perforated house is on the market now for $725,000 (AU). Conceptualized by Kavellaris Urban Design, the home looks opaque during the day. But through a few movable walls and a little backlighting, the dwelling glows like a giant light box at night, encouraging the neighborhood to gawk at your silhouettes.


It'd be great to stage a domestic quarrel, shouting about taking out the garbage as the missus, seething in contempt, pulls out a giant battle axe. After shadowing the weapon deep into your skull, a red corn starch mixture would spray the facade. The stains would surely ruin your investment, but hey, you can't be too sane if you're buying this place to begin with. [Real Estate and Kavellaris Urban Design via Desire to Inspire via Inhabitat]