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Personal 3D Printing Sweatshop Costs Just $1,225 for MakerBot's Thing-O-Matic

Illustration for article titled Personal 3D Printing Sweatshop Costs Just $1,225 for MakerBots Thing-O-Matic

They're calling it a revolution in 3D printing. I call it a revolution in laziness. Why else should we applaud the first 3D-printing machine that can print out various objects automatically, without buttons needing pressing inbetween?


After tinkering with their MakerBot Automated Build Platform, version 2.0 works kind of like most normal printers work, where you can action numerous print jobs that build up into a queue. MakerBot's is apparently the first 3D printer with this ability, which promises to save time for budding sweatshop entrepreneurs.

It was shown off at Maker Faire over the weekend, where the below video was shot. It takes seven weeks to prepare orders, once the $1,225 has been debited from your account. [MakerBot via MakerBot Blog]

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So does anyone know what format the models have to be in to be printed?

Also, how "rugged" is the material? It kind of reminds me of those vacuum form animals your used to be able to buy at the zoo.