Peugeot Holobench Makes Cars Appear in Thin Air, Has Picard Hidden Somewhere

Peugeot's amazing new virtual reality system is a three stage facility made for testing and prototyping cars out of thin air. While it may not seem as spectacular as the JTAC dome simulator or capable of firing bazookas from a Humvee, it provides with an experience so close to reality that Peugeot's engineers actually use it to design and feel cars. All without actually building them or being distracted by Marina Sirtis' cleavage:

It's composed of three parts: the first one is called the Cave, which allows you to step into a virtual car with polarized glasses and be able to experience its interior while you are actually inside a cube with a prop seat. The second one is the CADwall projection system, designed to show the exterior of the car in full scale. And finally, the Holobench, which not only allows you to see the car, but actually work on the model in 3D, changing parameters as if you were building LEGO models.


These three stages mix projection over walls and glasses, so yes, Peugeot's facility is still a little bit far from the actual holodeck from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The good news is that we are getting there. [Jalopnik]

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