Phil Collins is one of the foremost experts on the Battle of the Alamo. Yes, that Phil Collins. He's been obsessed with the Alamo for decades and over the years has acquired over 200 artifacts, including everything from Davy Crockett's guns to the musket balls of Mexican soldiers.

From PRI:

[Phil Collins'] collection now includes a howitzer, one of Davy Crockett's rifles and one of Jim Bowie's famous knives, as well as cannonballs, musketballs and other artifacts dug at the site. Then there's all kinds of documents, including the final muster roll drawn up within the walls of the besieged fort. "It was there when the Alamo fell," says Collins. "If only documents could talk."

Believe it or not, Phil Collins is now one of the foremost experts on the Alamo. And he's the first to admit that the battle is surrounded by myths.


Collins even wrote a huge book on The Alamo back in 2012, but his private collection of artifacts was just sitting in Switzerland collecting dust. However, Collins is now donating everything to the state of Texas. They don't have the facilities yet to put everything on display, but the collection will at least be well cared for in the meantime.

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Image via Getty: Actors, portraying defenders of the Alamo, stand in front of the structure during a re-enactment of the fall of the Alamo, March 6, 2001, to Mexican forces after a 13-day siege in 1836 in San Antonio, TX.