Philips Adds BackuPower to Already Long-Lasting Xenium Cellphones

We were already mildly impressed with the Philips Xenium line of cellphones, boldly claiming to hold out for a full month on a single battery charge. Now, the company rolls out an additional tier of battery endurance, letting you slip a AAA battery inside if you've still forgotten to charge that phone.


The dumb name BackuPower was assigned to this feature, whose backup strategy actually sounds like a good idea. Imagine, your cellphone runs out of juice and you're in the middle of nowhere and all there is a convenience store nearby. Hey, they have AAA batteries in there, don't they? You get the idea. Now, if you're packing a Xenium, that "my battery ran out of juice" excuse isn't going to work any more.

Xenium phone lasts even longer [uber phones]

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