Philips Ambisound HTS8100 Shipping Soon for $999

We lusted after the Philips Ambisound HTS8100 DVD- and amplifier-packing speaker system at CES in January, marveling at its slide-open CD/DVD panel (see the video of it in action here) and kick-ass sound that we heard with our own ears. Now we get the news that it's an actual product, and will ship in Q2 2007 for $999.


It's just the right size to go under a flat panel HDTV, and is particularly swanky-looking paired up with one of those Phillips Ambilight plasma and LCD panels.

Gussied up in piano black for all to see, what we liked the most was its sound that was good enough for Coltrane, surprisingly tight and punchy for speakers of its size and beauty. We can't wait to take one of these into our specialized listening room.

Philips Ambisound HTS8100 is Set to Replace Most of your Home Theater's AV Components [Chip Chick]

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