Philips' first Blu-ray player has finally made its way out the door and the folks at CNET ain't that impressed. Sure, it's one of the best-looking high-def players out there and it comes with a kick-ass remote, but feature-wise the BDP9000 lacks HDMI 1.3, doesn't support any of the new audio formats like Dolby Digital Plus or Dolby True HD, and most importantly, it's still a helluva lot more expensive than buying a PS3. Otherwise, the player performs just as well as any of its competitors and also gets props for its spiffy speeds and load times (though it's still slower than the PS3's almost instantaneous Blu-ray drive). We're gonna side with CNET on this one and say that you're better off buying a PS3 or at the very least waiting till CES before bringing the BDP9000 home. Chances are CES will bring a whole slew of new, perhaps cheaper players.

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