Philips Bringing 21:9 3D Cinema Display to the Home

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Philips has quite an exciting announcement for home cinema fans at its IFA press conference today—it's upgrading its 21:9 Cinema display with Full HD 3D capabilities.


The 58" extra-wide widescreen Cinema 21:9 Platinum display has also been updated to use a direct lit LED screen with 400Hz picture processing, plus the weird Ambilight technology Philips likes that illuminates the wall behind your TV while you watch has also been carried across from the previous non-3D model.


It also comes with Philips' Net TV widgets, for browsing eBay during the adverts—plus you're now able to fiddle with Net TV while watching actual TV in a dual-viewing mode, if you're not very good at concentrating. [Philips via T3 and TechRadar]

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Forgive my ignorance, but do movies have to be specially shot and formatted for 21:9 screens?