Being a Philips Ambilight owner, I was psyched when I found out that Philips was working on a 63-inch 1080p TV with a $3,500 price point. While far from cheap, it was something I could see myself buying (if I skipped lunch and dinner a few weeks this month). But sadly my hopes for a new TV got splashed with cold water today when I found out that the $3k pricing Philips quoted at CES was a mistake. Instead, the 63PFP7422D will sell for $5,500, which is more in line of what a big TV maker would charge. On the bright side, all us budget HD shoppers can still count on Vizio's $3k HDTV and ViewSonic's $1,799 set for our cheap 1080p thrills. Plus this means I get to eat lunch.


Philips Flubs Pricing on New 63-inch 1080p Plasma TV [Crave]