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We were giddy to hear Ambilight was getting the 1080p treatment, and we're likewise happy to hear that here are some bigger sets from Philips packing the same 1920 by 1080 pixel count. The new 47-inch LCD and 63-inch plasma both rock Philips Pixel Plus generation 3 tech, upgraded to 3HD spec. I have no idea what that means, but I know that Pixel Plus "makes shit look good." It smoothes out the picture, removing noise and artifacts. Sounds like it would make things blurry, but no, I like it.


The model names are really stupid, though: 47PF9441D and 63PF9631D. I've seen sexier serial numbers. Like that time when that MP3 player had all those 0s and 8s. Curvy...Anyhow, both sets have HDMI intputs, and the plasma does photo and mp3 playback from USB.

$3k for the LCD, and $6k for the plasma.

Looks good, but if I were to buy a Philips TV, I'd make sure it had ambilight like the 1080p we talked about before.


CES 2007: Philips LCD TV Finally hits 1080p HD [Gizmodo]