Philips Kitchen Appliances Are Perfect for Colonial Marines

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The Philips' Robust Collection was left out from the final cut of Aliens, but all these military-green anodized aluminum kitchen appliances were in the kitchen of the USS Sulaco. Really. Look at the gallery and tell me if I'm wrong.


I don't know if they are military-grade or not, but their retrofuturistic blender, food processor, juicer, hand mixer, and stab mixer look like they can blend, process, juice, mix, and stab giant extraterrestrial cockroaches without getting a scratch. Their prices go from $210 to $570, with a five year general guarantee and 15 years guarantee for the motors. In other words: You and your spouse will have to fight for them at one point. [Appliancist, Appliancist and Appliancist via Unplggd]



Me and my squad of ultimate appliances will blend for you. Check it out. 3 stainless steel metal discs to slice, grate and julienne...VWAP! You can shred a few pumpkins with this puppy. We got break resistant bowls, 2 speed motors, metal base plates, dishwasher safe accessories. We got chopping knives, sharp sticks!!.... #philipskitchenappliances