While the Hue lights from Philips are capable of producing more than 16 million shades of colored light, flipping between functional white light and playful colored light can be a bit of a pain. And while the native app's scene selections feature can help to partially alleviate this issue, Philips has just unveiled another option: two bulbs, one fixture.

Dubbed the Philips Hue Beyond, this dual function light incorporates a pair of bulbs—one as an uplight, the other facing downwards—both of which are controlled independently via the native app. This may initially seem a bit redundant—I mean, why blow your hard-earned cash on an entirely new light fixture when you can just as easily swap between light palettes using the Hue Tap—but that's only if you plan on using a single light source for multiple functions.


The Beyond instead offers two lighting schemes at once: accent your room with color using the uplight while keeping the downlight shining cool white, which is perfect for reading. The new fixture is available in three form factors: a short table lamp that retails for $432 (for the starter kit)/$392 (for the extension kit), a pendant lamp for the dining room ($655/$695) and a larger ceiling light ($655/$695) for the living room. All three are available beginning this month. [Philips]

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