Philips TSU9600 Pronto Professional is the Mega Remote

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Philips's latest Pronto is a bit like Hulk Hogan, big, beefy, and shiny on top. Instead of 24 inch pythons, it has a 640 by 480 pixel touchscreen that's only 3.7-inches big. That's a whole lotta pixels per square inch, meaning the screen is going to be sharp as heck. The controller can link wave files to each button, so you can record tutorials. ("Hi, I'm a button, and I turn on your xbox, and hot tub!") There are multi room adapters for controlling gadgets through walls. And like most of the better remotes, it can be programmed by PC. The "professional" designation means its powerful, but likely a bit complicated to set up. We're sure that there's more to this remote than just the usual Universal Clicker stuff, though. Look at that screen shot, for gawds sake. Icons for every TV channel? We likey.

Philips TSU9600 Pronto Professional [Remote Shoppe, Thanks Jim]

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I have been doing Home Automation for years and the Philips series of

remotes are some of the best for the price. Well if you dont count the

NG 3000.

To have one of these programmed by myself or another could range from

$300 to $800. With macros and channel icons. oooo and pictures of your

brats on it too lol