Philips VOIP841 DECT Skype Phone

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The Philips VOIP841 uses the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) frequency, an 1.8GHz band that was set aside to allow both security and better battery life than other cordless frequencies. The base-station allows you to plug in a normal land-line connection as well as your ethernet broadband connection. This means you're able to make calls on both Skype and your traditional house phone, much like the Linksys CIT300 we reviewed. However, the Philips doesn't require a PC at all, making it truly standalone.


The only problem, if there is one, with this unit is that it uses DECT instead of WiFi, which means you can't take it to wireless hot-spots like you can with the Belkin WiFi Skype phone. It would be fine as a home phone, but not one you can travel with. No price or availability yet.

Press Release [eHomeUpgrade]

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