Philips' line of Xenium 9@9 cellphones are best known for their incredibly long battery life. The new Xenium 9@9u that has just been given the FCC unveiling seems to be at the bottom of the Xenium battery life scale, with an expected run time of one month on standby and up to 8 hours of talk time from a single charge.


The phone is still well-equipped, featuring a GSM Tri-Band, 262K color display, FM-radio, MP3 player, 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, USB and microSD card-slot. Release date and price are still unknown, but with a long battery life, sleek appearance and a slew of features, the 9@9u looks like a pretty good phone. Hit the jump to see more 9@9u pictures from the infamous FCC. [via Latest-Mobile]

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