Phonedeck Lets You Control Your Android Phone from Your Computer

One of the benefits of using Android is the options and flexibility you get. Like Phonedeck, an app that essentially lets you control your phone from a web browser. That's right, you can send texts, make calls and reject calls on your phone all through your computer.


Along with notifying you of phone calls and text messages, it also puts your Android phone contacts to the cloud, which makes the whole interface sorta look like an all familiar social network but includes the phone notification features

What might be more interesting though—if you're a stats nerd, at least—is that you can see how you interact with your contacts, Phonedeck keeps track of how often you call a person, how often a person calls you, text message stats and even the battery level of your phone. The whole idea behind Phonedeck, controlling your phone from your browser or the cloud, should certainly be useful for those people who are tied to their desks and handcuffed to their computers. [Phonedeck via GigaOM]

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Or, you could use Google Voice, which lets you do almost all those things listed already, also from your computer. Works especially nice for me as Sprint has Google Voice integrated.