Photo: Steve Jobs Leaving Apple Campus Today

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Good news! Here you have the man, the one, the only, el señor jefe Steve Jobs leaving Apple's headquarters, today at 3:00pm. This is the first time he has been spotted—with an iPhone, of course—at the Cupertino campus.


Click to viewHe appears to be walking with Jon Ive. Looking thin, but great. After all the ruckus with his health and his recent liver transplant, I'm very happy to see him back in action outside a Coldplay concert. [TMZ]


Steve passed away a few weeks ago, what you see there is the new apple prototype. The iPerson, its a replication of ones self trough the use of a molecular projecter that attaches to the 3gs. Just input the 3d laser scanned data of your body's dimensions into the relative app and the iPerson perpetuates your life after death.