Photo Veil: The Military's Cloak of (Almost) Invisibility

Illustration for article titled Photo Veil: The Military's Cloak of (Almost) Invisibility

Comparable to Snake's suit in Metal Gear Solid, the Photo Veil is an exterior wrap that is able to create site-specific, high-resolution camouflage for vehicles and soldiers out on the battlefield.


Designed by Military Wraps, Photo Veil gathers images from cameras on drones, satellites and lidar to create an almost identical duplicate of the object's surroundings. These images are then displayed on its lightweight, customizable, foldable, portable and waterproof mesh exteriors, thus camouflaging the military vehicles underneath. For those out on foot, the Photo Veil's breathability and ability to mask thermal and infrared footprints also makes these wraps useful in blinds for snipers and in uniforms for soldiers out in the field. Ooh, you think they'll make a cloak out of this material just for me to review? I want to be the ultimate Hide n' Seek champion. [Military Wraps via cnet]



lol, it's just regular printed vinyl that is use for vehicle wraps, reading this article made it sound like the vinyl changes on the fly when someone snap some photos..