Photographer Mistaken for Gunman

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Sheridan College in Ontario was locked down last Friday because it was suspected a gunman was on the premises. Thankfully, it was a false alarm, but how do you mistake a gunman? Apparently, all it took was a lone photographer, some camouflage cargo pants and his free-standing tripod.


The emergency services were alerted by a professor and his eight students, who all reported they had seen a suspicious man carrying a "long, tubular object." Following a campus lockdown and a thorough two-hour search, nothing was found. Information incoming across the weekend has indicated a photographer with a tripod was the reason for the disturbance, though he has yet to be located and spanked for all the fuss he caused. Let this be a lesson to you camouflage-cargo pants-wearing weirdos; don't wear camouflage cargo pants. You're not in the army, you suck. Talking of things that suck, according to a satirical joke we are about to make, the NRA was said to be very disappointed about there being one less gun on the streets. We don't doubt it. [Globe and Mail via blogTO]



We live in irrational state induced fear, and fear breeds panic. The real enemy are the fear mongers - the governments and the corporate Britney press.

In North America we have a 1 in 5 chance of dieing in a car accident. 1 in 2 people who die, die of heart disease, yet no one is afraid to drive in a car to goto McDonalds.

They recently evacuated and oil rig in the North sea because some 23 year old girl got scared of a suspicious device. Instead of some normal person looking at it, and sending her to the doctor for some sedatives, they evacuated the freaking rig at a cost of millions of dollars.


Camouflage pants and cameras are not the problem, idiots, lackeys, and fear mongers are the problem.