Piano Dust Buster, Trippy, and More

The latest round of the week's best iPad apps will have you brushing up on your piano skills, getting ready for your next vacation, organizing your schedule, and a lot more.


Piano Dust Buster: When we were kids, forced piano lessons were painful. But we didn't have engaging iPad apps to trick us into practicing. This one has games, song guides, and works with your existing instrument or lets you play on its own keyboard. You'll be tickling the ivories like a pro without even trying. Free

MokeyGram: Texting is addictive, and Emojis are fun, but why not make your messages even better with cartoons? This app lets you create animated pictures and send them to your friend through SMS, Twitter, Facebook, or email. Free


Metro Tasks: When your life is frenetic, it's hard to keep track of all the things you have to do. Some people plaster post-its everywhere, others set reminders on their phones. This combines both of those ideas—plus a calendar—in one place. You can organize your schedule and manage tasks in folders and set alerts for all your activities, so you'll never miss a lunch date or a deadline. Or at least, never not be informed when you're missing one. $6.99


Trippy: Now that summer is well underway, you might be ready for a vacation. Will you head to the Grand Canyon, hit the Florida Keys, or journey abroad? You might find some inspiration for your plans in this app, which gives you a collection of beautiful travel photos from places all over the world that you can view on a map. Free

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