Picasa Released for Mac, At Long Last

iPhoto hasn't had a great free competitor and in my opinion, Google's photo management is just, well, better. That's why Picasa for Mac is awesome news.

Feature for feature, Picasa for Mac is almost exactly the same as its Windows and Linux counterparts. The organization paradigm is exactly the same, as is the interface (which, it bears mentioning, somehow still looks natural in OS X). Even the automatic system-wide photo indexing worked fine, as did a few different camera imports.


The program still carries Google's increasingly meaningless "Beta" tag, but judging by my brief testing, it's ready to go. [GoogleThanks, Ryan]

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Screw Picasa, where the hell is my Google Chrome for Mac that was supposed to be out in OCTOBER?!

Why release something that off and on can kinda beat iPhoto, when you can release something like Chrome that'll make Safari the redheaded stepchild of Mac Browsers (i.e. Constantly Beaten)?

It's ridiculous that Chrome wasn't even released at the same time it was for PC, much less placating us with photo managing software with no ETA for Chrome in sight. Even the Google CEO said he was embarrassed that there was no mutual release for chrome, so why the hold up if it's that important dude?

Just boggles the mind...