PicoCricket: Everything to do with Legos, Nothing to do with Crickets

PicoCricket is the new product of the LEGO-MIT collaboration that produced MINDSTORMS. We are happy to see the companies getting away from the use of ALL CAPS in their marketing. The PicoCricket looks alright, too.

The PicoCricket itself is a programmable computer that controls various LEGO peripherals to enable artistic expression through light, sound, music and motion. LEGO gives the example of programming a cat to purr when someone touches it. We give the example of programming said cat's eyes to turn red with fury when someone touches it. That's why they call it art.


The kit includes a motor, speaker, lights and sensors (touch, motion, sound, light and resistance). Bundled software is PC/Mac compatible and communicates via USB. Runs $250. Thanks Mitchel!

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