Pics of Nikon D80 Leaked Accidentally on Purpose

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You may remember how we showed you that cryptic picture of an upcoming 10.2-megapixel Nikon DSLR from the company's website, and now it appears that a few real pictures of the camera, to be launched on August 9th, have been leaked from the Nikon Europe site.

From the pictures, you can plainly see the new model will be called the Nikon D80, not the D90 as some speculated. There are a few extra buttons on the camera, such as a physical self timer, IR remote button, an autofocus button, and it looks like the D80 uses SD flash memory cards instead of the CompactFlash cards used on its predecessor.


Even with these new pictures staring us in the face, there's still mystery associated with this model. And that's probably just the way to Nikon wants it. Guess we'll have to wait 13 more days. [via Hip Tech Blog]