Pigs Serve Unicorns a C&D Letter

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Most of you know ThinkGeek. Beyond that we chat about their products fairly often, their April Fools' pranks are amongst the best on the web. One of this year's pranks was for glitter-stuffed, SPAM-like unicorn meat. It caused some trouble.


Namely, the National Pork Board, disregarding the general immunity (and humor) of parody, sent a cease-and-desist letter to ThinkGeek. They claimed that ThinkGeek's use of "the new white meat" was a bit too close to "the other white meat."

ThinkGeek's response to the National Pork Board, an organization so close to my heart that it's clogging it, was a wonderful thing:

We'd like to publicly apologize to the NPB for the confusion over unicorn and pork—and for their awkward extended pause on the phone after we had explained our unicorn meat doesn't actually exist. From our press release:

"It was never our intention to cause a national crisis and misguide American citizens regarding the differences between the pig and the unicorn," said Scott Kauffman, President and CEO of Geeknet. "In fact, ThinkGeek's canned unicorn meat is sparkly, a bit red, and not approved by any government entity."

The whole story on their site: [ThinkGeek via Bits]



I wonder what the real legality of this is. They did you use a trademarked slogan. It's not like copyright where satire is allowed for fair use. (I think.) A little searching reveals that ThinkGeeks use is probably not legal, probably falling under the "disparaging" type of NON-fair use. But yeah, the porkers need to get a sense of humor.

Sooooo, let's all give up bacon in protest! Come on, who's with me?