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Pimp Your iPhone, for iPhone Users Who Aren't Fanboys

In case you've been completely zoned out by our obsessive iPhone coverage for the past year, here's an encapsulated video by a sensible-sounding guy from, giving you a nice short course showing you how to install applications on your iPhone. You did know you could do that, didn't you? Look at all the apps that are available now! Welcome back to the world, Rip Van Winkle! It's the iPhone—heard of it? [YouTube]


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Step 1: Get the latest version of iTunes and make sure you iPhone software is up to date.

Step 2: Download AppTapp (Installer) from [] (get the latest version)

Step 3: Open the AppTapp file you just downloaded and read the direction. Close iTunes and make sure you iPhone is connected to the computer.

Step 4: This may take a while usually 1-5 minutes. If it's taking any longer just quit the installer and try again.

Step 5: I like to restart the iPhone once it's done so it has time to have a clean reboot.

Step 6: You'll now see a new icon on the springboard of your iPhone. Tap on it and the [] will open up. Firstly download "Community Sources" this will open up tons of more applications.

Step 7: That's it, your done. As you can see it's pretty simple.

Note, there are tons of applications begin developed as we speak so make sure to check for updates in the installer constantly. Also some might not work because they are still in beta. There are some really great applications out there to download though. In my opinion the following are a must:

1. Summerboard (Developed by the Nullriver Inc. as well)

2. Mobile Finder

If you want more help come into the IRC chat room for []