Pioneer AVIC-Z1 With 30GB Hard Drive

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Pioneer has announced a brand new car navigation system they plan on showing at CES this January in Vegas. Available in early Spring, The AVIC-Z1 will have a whopping 30GB hard drive, capable of storing the entire TeleAtlas database with 11 million points of interest. It also includes advanced audio/video features like DVD playback, CD/MP3 and an enhanced iPod capability. For driving, the AVIC-Z1 includes a learning capability that will learn and remember often used routes; a smart routing algorithm that analyzes and asses your route to let you know the most logical path to take; and lane information to let you know exactly what lane you should be in to get on the right interchanges and off the right exits. And of course, you'll get detailed city maps in 23 cities. Technologically, this thing is outfitted with advanced voice recognition, enhanced voice guidance, Bluetooth that will pair with compatible cell phones and a 7-inch touchscreen. Oh, and it uses XM NavTraffic service for up-to-date traffic info.

AVIC-Z1 Car Navigation System Does Lots


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