Pioneer VSX-94TXH AV Receiver Makes Elite Line Competitive Again

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Pioneer's Elite AV receivers weren't looking so fresh, after Onkyo's next gen receivers launched in April. These receivers, which launched in the deep shadows of the Project Kuro plasmas, have HDMI 1.3a among other things. Looks like someone's playing catch-up.


The new models are the VSX-90TXV, VSX-91TXH, VSX-92TXH and VSX-94TXH.

It has HDMI 1.3a, 1080p upscaling by Farouja chips, of any video source. The $1600 VSX-94TXH is the first Elite to stream music from the Internet, as well as from a PC. And all four new receivers are XM and Sirius Ready. The press material pushes that the receivers will be able to decode all HD DVD and Blu-ray audio formats internally, which is still a surprisingly rare thing. That puts it on par with many of the many of the Onkyo's main points, although lots of press has favored the Onkyo's Reon HQV video processor over the Elite's Farouja.

These two receivers sound nice, but the flashy new UI on the Denon receivers could give Pioneer's usually lackluster interfaces a spanking.

I'm also glad to see that people aren't quoting power ratings much anymore. Stuff these days is loud enough. I can't believe I said that, but then again, I'll be 30 on Wednesday.

Anyhow, this stuff will be out during the summer, according to Electronic House:

The VSX-90TXV and VSX-91TXH will be available June for the suggested prices of $650 and $1,000, respectively. The VSX-92TXH and VSX-94TXH will begin shipping August for the suggested prices of $1,300 and $1,600, respectively.


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The most appealing thing to me on these new suite of AVRs is video processing/upconversion to 1080p. Fancy UIs are nice. I think the best piece of equipment to pull off video processing is Arcam's line at the present time (uses Gennum Video Excellence Processor VXP), but it's just a processor (no amp), and won't do HDMI 1.3 (but I'm sorta "who cares?" re: HDMI 1.3). I'll hate it if these Pioneers don't have Firewire. That's such a sonically superior connection. But DVD-A should work over HDMI (does with the Arcams); I don't know about SACD. Pioneer: where in the heck is a THX Ultra2 receiver with HDMI switching? Please make one!