Pittacus Lore, the Ancient Alien Who Likes to Write About Teenage Heavy Petting, Reveals His Favorite TV Shows

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Pittacus Lore is an Elder of the Lorien civilization, who for some reason enjoys writing books where he painstakingly documents the make-out sessions of the teenagers of his race. (Actually, Pittacus Lore was originally a pseudonym for James Frey and his co-author Jobie Hughes — who did the bulk of the writing on I Am Number Four and its sequel, before it all ended in tears. Now Pittacus Lore is just James Frey, and possibly another, uncredited, ghost writer from Frey's "fiction factory.")


In any case, Pittacus Lore did a rare interview with Entertainment Weekly, where he revealed that the leader of an ancient alien civilization, which has been all but wiped out by the evil Mogadorians, writes the books in between his duties as a leader in wartime:

I don't live an author's life. I live the life of a general at war. While I have been writing the books during moments of peace, my full-time job is hunting and killing Mogadorians. That being said, I appreciate all the support we have gotten from readers around the world.

The alien leader then goes on to explain that the Loriens are using a lot of iPads, and he frequently watches the movie of I Am Number Four on his iPad. He also sneaks into book events for the Lorien Legacies book series — the latest of which is The Rise of Nine — in disguise. And the endangered Loriens all get together for an end of summer barbecue. He then adds:

I tend to watch a lot of television. The shows on Bravo are my favorite... Gallery Girls premiered last night. It was quite enjoyable. Those girls, they're kind of wacky. And Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. He makes us all laugh.

It's truly heartening to know that Pittacus Lore is finding time to watch those wacky Gallery Girls, in between his duties as an alien general and documenting the teen love triangles of his people. [EW]



Guess it's hard to live an "author's life" when you're slaving away in James Frey's YA sweatshop for pennies:


Compared to that, interstellar war must be a cakewalk.