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Microsoft has recently posted some interesting job listings that lend themselves to (unconfirmed but solid) speculation. Their acquisition of European mobile music provider Musiwave last year just deepens the mystery.


Musiwave provides ringtones and other music to European cell phones, and was acquired by Microsoft a little more than a year ago. Now, a web services development job listing proclaims "Zune Services is building an entertainment store for a wide range of Zune clients or 'tuners.' Today these tuners include the Windows PC client, the Zune web site and the Zune device; in the future there will be more. Each of these tuners access a set of rich web services implemented by Zune and soon by Musiwave as well."

The combination of Musiwave and Zune suggests some sort of mobile Marketplace, whether it's through phones or simply over-the-air to Zunes. Microsoft did note at the time of their absorption of Musiwave that the European company would help them arrange a better ecosystem of products and devices. Could this mean Zune on Windows Mobile?

Another listing asks for a user experience designer to focus on a few aspects of the Zune: device UI, Zune PC client, and then a surprise, Zune Xbox. There's no other information, but we think it'd be a pretty good idea to incorporate the Zune Marketplace into the successful Xbox environment. Imagine, Microsoft integration as far as the eye can see.

This is, of course, rumor and conjecture, but those job listings are certainly eyebrow-raising indicators of what's to come from the big MS. And our earlier rumor on Xbox-Zune Marketplace integration is in line with what we're seeing here, as well as Ballmer's confirmation of Zune and Windows Mobile love. [TechFlash via CNET]


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