Plasma TVs Make Great Windows

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It's not like you needed those windows for light anyway, so why not give yourself a multi-million dollar view of the Golden Gate Bridge instead? The Winscape iPhone app controls the view you see out your windows—or, plasmas.


With any luck you'll have a couple of spare plasma TVs lying around anyway, and a couple of windows you can fit them into. Then, with a Wiimote, your view out the "windows" will be altered depending on your movements, tracked via a (albeit awkward-looking) necklace. It's very similar to Johnny Chung Lee's Wii headtracking work, which also uses Wii sensors to detect where exactly you are in location to the receiver, changing your view of the video based on your location.

The app itself costs $10, and some of the video loops cost a further $10—but if you're prepared to throw a couple of perfectly good plasmas on your walls like they're venetian blinds, then a few more bucks won't hurt. [Winscape via Slashdot]



I hear Sears will be offering this with a discounted plasma gas refilling after four years. At least that's what their salesman tells me.