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Plastic Logic's E-Reader Shown on Video, More Details Emerge

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've been following Plastic Logic's potential Kindle-killing e-reader device this week, and the guys over at TGDaily are adding to the intrigue with video of it. Speaking with a company rep, they found out that the device is less than 7mm thin and charges/connects to PCs with a miniUSB connector.Meanwhile its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, also used for downloading data to the device, can act as a document-sharing pathway—the sort of thing that'd be damn useful in company meeting scenarios. Better yet, it will let you annotate PDFs using its touchscreen and save out a new file automatically. These tally with the company's projected market of "mobile business professionals," though it sounds like crossword-fan newspaper readers would still get their kicks on e-newspapers on the device. Check out the video at the TGDaily link. [TGDaily]