Play Holiday Tunes On Women In Lingerie Synth

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This is the Cup Size Choir, seven angels in lingerie singing seven notes at your command. They lie down, breathing sensually, waiting for you, ready to play Deck the Halls or whatever Christmas carol you want.

At the end of the exquisitely filmed short you will be able to play the Cup Size Choir yourself, using the ASDFGHJ keys—which, coincidentally, is exactly the noise I made when I discovered this site, made by Italian lingerie company La Senza. You can even record your performance and send it to your mom.

Bernard Magri, one of the creators, explained how they created the videos:

We filmed the girls on a bed with a guy holding them on his back. Then, as soon as the countdown got to zero, the guy ducked down and the girl sang. Pretty low tech, but it worked!

I worked on the design and looping the videos to fit in the interactivity and a developer friend of mine did all the Flash. Hopefully, it would work well so we start working on non flash versions for non flash supporting devices!


Exactly. Let's all make this popular so La Senza has to make a free iOS and Android app out of it. [CupsizechoirThanks Bernard!]

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Ok, so I had to look up "girl" at just because I thought maybe "woman" would be much more appropriate label for the ladies shown, right? (note: "girl" is accurate)

Anyhow, instead I find myself totally sidetracked and amused by the offensiveness meter of some of the definitions for "girl":

4. Informal: Sometimes Offensive . a grown woman, esp. when referred to familiarly: She's having the girls over for bridge next week.

6. Often Offensive . a female servant.

7. Usually Offensive . a female employee.