While it's sad that Wayne and Garth are no longer actively producing their most excellent community television program, I'm sure they would totally approve of this rockin' messenger bag with a built-in functioning guitar. Party on, indeed.


As a messenger bag, it's a pretty standard affair. It'll fit laptops up to 17" and has an organizer for all your pens and miscellania. But none of that matters because it's got a fully functioning touch-sensitive guitar built right in. Just plug in the clip on mini-amp, crank it to 11, and party on till they day's long gone. Or until its 4 AAA batteries run out of juice—whatever comes first. The musically literate among us will appreciate the fact that it plays real chords. The rest of us will be thankful that they're all in the same key so basically anything will sound good. Just drag your fingers across the painted fret board and bask in your newfound rocking ability.

It's currently sold out over at ThinkGeek, but don't fret (sorry), more are on their way. Until then, you'll just have to settle for learning to play the real thing. Or don't, your roommate/family/significant other will probably thank you. [ThinkGeek via Craziest Gadgets]


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