Playing Super Mario Bros. in Real Life Is How Video Games Will Finally Get You Off Your Ass

If Microsoft wants a guaranteed way to sell a million Hololens augmented reality headsets, it should listen to Abhishek Singh and pitch the hardware as the ultimate way to get in shape by playing the first level of Super Mario Bros. in real life. Unlike the Wii’s balance board accessory, this might actually help you shed a few pounds.


Singh re-created the classic 1-1 level from the NES version of Mario for this augmented reality demo that should sell anyone with even a mild interest in video games on the hardware. This demo video was recorded entirely through the Hololens headset, so we see exactly what Singh did as he battled goombas and collected mushrooms in New York’s Central Park. Let’s hope he does a Metroid version next, to make taking the subway a little more enjoyable.

[YouTube via Prosthetic Knowledge]

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