Please God Let Twitter Explode and Go Away Forever

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There've been some reports about an upcoming "Twitpocalypse" in which Twitter would finally crash and burn due to the limitations of a 32-bit signed integer. Allegedly, Twitter will collapse once the number of tweets passes 2,147,483,647.


Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Twitter revolution is going to die out as soon as I'd like—there are reports that the "Twitpocalypse" rumor was started as a joke, although some individual clients, including the iPhone app Twitterific and Mac's Tweetie, are down. Several other Twitter clients are announcing that they'll be just fine, so it looks like the Twitpocalypse is definitely real, but avoidable. The number of tweets has now passed the crucial 2,147,483,647 mark mostly unscathed, so it looks like things in the Twitterverse are about as bad as they're going to get, which is, unfortunately, not that bad. [Gawker]

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Jason Rouse

Twitter sucks. It's a fad. Give it another 6 months to a year and no one will give a damn about the service anymore. They will become as irrelevant as Myspace is.