Please Pay 50 Cents To Read About PayPal's Digital Goods Launch

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PayPal has taken its "microtransactions" system out of beta, now allowing all publishers of web content to charge tiny amounts of money for access to their content. It takes two clicks and PayPal will have five percent because it has you over a barrel. [PayPal via RWW]


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To everyone who thinks this will not work, think again. This is the future.

How many of us buy a fart app (or other pretty much useless app) on a whim? It gets ingrained in us as "just how the internet works nowadays" and the initial feeling that it will never fly wears off.

Case in point, all the complaints about the Gizmodo redesign. It's been nary a week and that's almost petered out completely.

Of course this will work. It may take a couple years to really get ingrained everywhere, but I have no doubt what-so-ever it will happen (even if it ends up being some or company that does it).