The new iPod, we know its coming. I'm kind of bummed out I know about it already. The last few months, Apple leaks have been so thorough, they're eating away at the Apple Event Reality Distortion Field. But maybe the days are done where I can show up to a Keynote and make an o-face at the launch of some unheard of Apple gadget. I guess that's a small thing to complain about, but I won't let that stop me.

Usually, when a gadget's press release hits the wires, its nowhere near as exciting as a leaked spy shot. I don't know if that's the case for Apple products, esp when The Steve does the Boom-show.


Obviously, that doesn't mean that we'll stop reporting speculation, or that I don't appreciate the fine work done over at the Apple Insider, Macrumors, ThinkSecret and Infinite Loop. This is our job, and it's a pretty fun one at that, as we race to break a story. I just wonder what the psychology is behind Apple employees, contractors and supply and retail chain employees who pass on info after swearing not to. And I wonder what effect that has on us as fans of the latest and greatest hardware.

I've always preferred surprises to spoilers. You?

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