Illustration for article titled Plex Media Center on Jailbroken AppleTV Looks Delicious

Plex, an especially handsome piece of media center software, has been shoehorned onto jailbroken AppleTVs. It's still in early development, but man if this isn't the most beautiful way to stream all those files of yours to your TV screen.


Though it currently requires some Terminal noodling and it can't quite figure out images or audio files, tinkerer Quiqueck has managed to get a Plex client running on the jailbroken AppleTV, allowing him to stream media (in all formats, not just the ones the stuffy ATV normally approves of) from the Plex server on his computer. It's mostly just a proof of concept right now, but that concept's an exciting one: in the light of its recent jailbreak, the new AppleTV could be a versatile living room companion for under $100. [Wired]

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