Plug Into The New Sleep Dealer Poster

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Embrace your status as a slave to the machine with the new official Sleep Dealer poster. That slumping back full of cyber-nodes says it all.

We are all big fans of Alex Rivera's Sleep Dealer, and we urge you to seek out this movie about the possible future of North America. In Rivera's dark future, all of the manual labor jobs are controlled by people south of the border (who are blocked from US access by a fence). Which means all the labor, but none of the people. It's a stunningly beautiful movie, with a tiny budget and big ideas. Follow the main character, Memo, as he moves to the big city looking for telecommuting "node" work, and in turn finds himself face-to-face with the people across the giant fence.


To see the poster, gigantor sized, click on the thumbnail below. The film comes out April 17 in select cities.