PMA 07: First Footage From the Canon PowerShot TX1 720p Shooter

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Did we hear someone ask for video shot by the Canon PowerShot TX1 7.1-megapixel still camera/720p flash-drive camcorder? Well, here it is, unedited and unaltered straight off the flash card in all its 720p glory. Download this AVI file shot with a TX-1 preproduction prototype, and you'll see that results are mixed. To be fair, the lighting wasn't all that great in this hotel ballroom where I shot this footage, but it wasn't exactly dim, either.

To my eye the footage looks a bit too grainy for my taste, but then what did I expect at that maximum bit rate of 4.48Mbps? Heck, HDV runs at 25Mbps and even it doesn't look perfect. A strange phenomenon we noticed was that the audio is out of sync when playing the file on Windows Media Player but plays back perfectly on a Mac using QuickTime.

Download AVI file here