PMA is Almost Upon Us - Digital Camera Haters Welcome

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Photo Marketing Association (PMA), the trade show in Las Vegas where just about all the digital camera manufacturers go to foist their new wares on the people, is almost upon us. That means for about a week, we're going to be bringing you the latest and hopefully, the greatest cameras you will be able to buy for Christmas this year.


But what's a guy that hates cameras to do? Use… to read Gizmodo, which filters out digital camera posts entirely. You could extend it to any tag we use, be it cellphones, iPods, or Zunes.

Digital Cameras [Gizmodo]



Whoopee !!! PMA Time !!! Time for my annual period of craving incredibly expensive gear that I have no actual use for ! I just wish Canon would announce a 5D successor at PMA, though it looks like they won't be. I'm really itching to go to a full-frame DSLR, and the 5D is perfect for me ... but I really wish it had the Digic-III and the new dust collection system.

Oh well ... maybe I'll just invest in lenses for another year.