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Pocket Backup That Can Take a Beating

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If those thumbnail USB drives just can't hold enough for your voracious need of disk space, step up to a pocket-sized high-capacity USB 2.0 external hard disk drive. This CMS ABSmini Backup System will quench the thirst for space of even the hungriest diskmongers, and is available in 20GB, 40GB and 60GB capacities. Built of gleaming aircraft-like aluminum, the drive spins at 4200 RPM and is touted as a backup system. It includes CMS s BounceBack Express software which works along with the drive to give you the convenience of one-button backup. The 3.45" x 0.68" x 2.72" (L x H x W) housing is apparently built to take a lot of abuse, where the company says it's able to withstand a 300-G shock even while it s operating. If that's the case, you could practically drop kick the thing and it would still keep on going. It better be able to take that kind of abuse, because this line of drives is certainly not cheap—they re available now for $179 for 20GB, $259 for 40GB and $329 for the 60GB unit.


Product Page [CMS Products]

Specs and pricing for CMS ABSmini Hard Drives []

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