PodKeying, iJust Can't Take It Anymore

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Ok, that's it. I'm officially done with gadgets that use the word "pod" in the name that have nothing to do with the iPod. Take the Keypod. It's actually a great idea—perfect for skiing, boarding, or any physical activity where you can't carry a bag or keep things safe. But please, PLEASE just call it a Keysafe, or Keybox. There is truly, madly, deeply, NOTHING pod-like about this product. Being marketed mainly towards surfers and other extreme sports advocates, I'd love it for the gym. I've tried tying my keys to my shoelaces and sticking them in my workout bra (which I can assure you, is no fun when I'm done), so this mini safe that hangs somewhere from your car (I'd keep it underneath, out of sight, if I were you) is a godsend. Can also hold cell phones, cash and credit cards.


Update: Thanks to everyone who wrote, and copied definitions from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, to point out that this KeyPod is more Pod-like than the iPod itself. I never expected to be brought low by a $35 gadget (was hoping to break $39.99 at least). But you have to agree that pre-iPod this would have been called something else. Maybe the X-Key, or the e-Locker? Mail in your ideas for more appropriate names, I will publish them here and mail them to the manufacturer as well. Best entry, as judged by a panel of Gizmodians, wins a limited edition VMA iPod Shuffle holder. For real!

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Keypod - Miniature Car Key Safe [Strange New Products]