Pogue Reviews AT&T Wireless Ogo

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David Pogue tears down the AT&T Wireless Ogo in this week's Circuits, and if you can brush aside the numerous puns on Ogo ("Ogo figure," "Ogo in Togo," "Bring me my gin and my writing hat!"), actually does a fair job of dismantling AT&T's first foray into the gadget design market. A poor industrial design makes the Ogo uncomfortable in your pockets, says Pogue, and the clunky user interface makes simply tasks overly tedious—the lack of a scroll wheel looks like a bigger issue than I had thought.

The worst part is, despite claims that they'll keep refining the Ogo as the product matures, AT&T really just had one shot to get this right. As their absorption by Cingular looms, the Ogo team needs to prove they have a product worth keeping alive. I have high hopes for the Ogo, but more and more it's looking like a too-rushed snipe at the Sidekick and not a full-fledged product of its own.


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