This Take-Off light shade comes in a single perforated sheet, and you poke out the teensy shapes to make whatever the heck pattern you want. It's like the design equivalent of popping bubble wrap—everyone likes popping bubble wrap!—except you've got to be pretty precise. Once false move and you've got a wackadoo motif to live with… forever.

It was made by German design folk at fifti-fifti, and they have some incredible examples of finished products up on their site.

Would you be able to pull off one of those? Well, included in with the steel frame are a few paper templates to help you make it happen (plus magnets to pull the whole thing together). The socket, bulb, and cord, however, are on you to source, which will bump up the price (already a little over a hundred buckaroos, here) and require a bit of additional DIY.


I love this idea, actually, and wish it was more affordable. You'd need a ton of patience, but I could see the process being almost meditative after a while. Plus, they look beautiful all lit up, and it would be cool to plan out some funky geometrics for casting light—and cool shadows—on your apartment. [MoCo Loco]